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As a prominent interior designer, Amber Thomas was frustrated with the money, time and material wasted during paint sampling. Though manufacturers provide swatches to designers, these aren’t produced with real paint and aren’t truly accurate to the final color or texture. The alternative—painting samples on a wall—is a mess-filled, time-consuming process. At the same time Amber had been seeking a prepainted sampling solution for her clients, Taylor Thomas was in his last semester of college and looking for a business idea for his final course. They realized they could solve both challenges together.

With input from thousands of designers, Taylor developed a peel-and-stick paint sample, and, due to an overwhelmingly positive response, Taylor decided to continue the project after graduation. Launched with a small-scale manufacturing facility in 2017, producing hand-painted, peel-and-stick paint samples for a market of designers, contractors, and DIY consumers, Samplize grew exponentially via active marketing, word of mouth, repeat buyers, and partnerships with retailers and manufacturers.

Samplize samples create the same effect as paint on a wall because they are produced with genuine manufacturers’ paint, providing an unparalleled level of accuracy and texture. They also reduce environmental waste created by surplus sample paint, which is rarely disposed of properly.

In 2022, Samplize was acquired by Material Bank, the sampling platform for architectural, construction, and design materials, with a shared mission of simplifying and streamlining the design process.

Taylor Thomas

Co-Founder, Former CEO, SVP of Material Bank

Taylor earned his BBA from Belmont University, heading a handful of startups before Samplize. Taylor is responsible for the creation, management, and growth of Samplize, and continues to lead the company following its acquisition. He is a proud Forbes 30 Under 30 lister.

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